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DRAWDOWN: How To Reverse Global Warming

October 14, 2017


CoCo San Sustainable Farm

5500 Imhoff Drive, Martinez, CA







Conservation is not enough! Learn how YOU can help REVERSE Global Warming! 


CoCo San Sustainable Farm is modeling practices that help sink carbon (carbon sequestration) to reverse global warming.


Learn how YOU can help REVERSE Global Warming! Conservation is not enough! Now, we know how to reverse global warming!


Cindy Gershen and her brilliant culinary students from MDUSD will bring healthy lunch for us!


Bethallyn Black, M.A. our amazing Master Gardener, Organic farmer for life, Diablo Valley College faculty member will inspire you with methods you can help REVERSE Global Warming!


Bahman Sheikh, Ph.D. is our special guest speaker will talk about how recycled water can help with the global warming problem. Dr. Sheikh is one of the nation's leading experts on recycled water use, especially for agriculture. Dr. Sheikh has over 30 years of experience in master planning and design of water resources projects, specializing in water reclamation, reuse, and recycling. The focus of much of his work has been on public health protection and safety from the microbiological and chemical quality of water used for irrigation and other applications. 


Michael R. McGill, P.E., Board Member, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District will also be talking about "The Future of Water" and the debate about "One Water" -- the movement to unify control of different types of water.


Alex Brendel, former DVC student in Horticulture and Soil Science will talk about "Biochar: Sequestering Carbon in Soil." Alex started organic gardening at age 8 and has manufactured biochar and will explain it's amazing benefits.

Mike Milani, P.E., President of Milani & Associates will be there with the FARM SITE PLAN to show you what is happening next!


Tour our 15-acre urban farm which will use recycled Ag grade water to grow produce and find out what the heck we are doing and how you can participate!


We will have Cover Crop Seed for you to buy at a low price of $3 per pound!


We will also have Bee Garden Seed for you to buy at the low price of $3 per packet.


Supervisor Karen Mitchoff will be there at 11:00 a.m. and it's her Birthday! We want to thank Supervisor Mitchoff for her generous contribution toward building our greenhouse, as soon as we get through county processing!

Other VIPS: Martinez Mayor, Robb Schroder; Concord Vice-Mayor Edi Birsan; Concord Councilwoman Carlyn Obringer; Concord City Councilman Ron Leone; CCCCD Board Member Greg Enholm; MDUSD Vice-President Cheryl Hansen; West County Wastewater Board Member Sherry Stanley and Rev. Will McGarvey plan to attend and many more!


PG&E is a major sponsor of this event and STUDENTS can come for free! Let us know if you need a scholarship and are not a student.


Thank you to Joyce Ligon and Dave Towers of Land Home Financial Services, Inc. for being an event sponsor!

Thank you to Dr. Judith M. Davis of Walnut Creek for being an event sponsor!

Thank you to Leigh Johnson, Trial Whisperer, for being an event sponsor!

Thank you to Far West Portapottys for being an event sponsor!


If you want to buy DRAWDOWN on Amazon. Please first register for Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate a small fraction of your purchases to the farm with no cost to you!


PLEASE select AGLANTIS (501c-3) as your charity!


You will want to buy this book!


We will have some copies of DRAWDOWN for sale at the event.


DRAWDOWN Event Photos



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