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Soil, Permaculture, Cover Crops, Recycled Water & Integrated Pest Management

CoCo San Sustainable Farm held an event to teach best practices for urban farming, agricultural, and gardening. Rex Dufour, Matt Powers, Bethallyn Black & Andrew Sutherland spoke focusing on beginning farmers. Some of the practices described sequester carbon in the soil, instead of releasing carbon into the atmosphere. These practices help reverse climate change, instead of contributing to global warming. Michael R. McGill also talked about the value of recycled water for Agriculture.

360 degree view of the Farm the day AgLantis TM signed the lease. Our Business Plan was approved a month later.  Kind neighbors, Tesoro and County Quarry too.

We did it!  We signed the lease!

It took us nearly 4 years, but we finally signed the lease in June, 2014. AgLantis TM President, Carolyn Phinney signed the lease and took this video a few minutes later.

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